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Two Day Blitz!!!

Buy One, Get One Half Off


Does your skin have the winter blahs? 

remember the last time you saw color?

 Robbie Singleton has the answer!

Buy one MaryKay item at regular price, get another item half off

Now is the time to start a new skin care regime

maybe just try a new lipstick or eyeshadow


Visit Robbie today and put some color in your life!


Okay, here’s the fine print: Offer expires January 28th at 5pm.  Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value.  No limit.  Seriously, NO LIMIT!   Registration required.  Enter discount code HOLLY HILTON in notes


For all the nerds, jocks, princesses, criminals, basket cases, and neo maxi zoom dweebies out here, rest well Mr. Hughes.

Stuff That Needs to Make a Comeback

- Butterscotch
- Molasses
- fuzzy navels
- other non-hideous stuff from the 70's

Guess where I forgot sunscreen?

Guess where I forgot sunscreen?
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Drive by

Liff, for the moment, is goog.

That is all.


"They've Come to Snuff the Grandma" was in the Terminator Salvation soundtrack.


Donated blood. Grabbing a little OT. Working on WNP gimmes tonight. And LAUNDRY!

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So much for learning a new job skill

I dropped the pole dancing class. I looked stupid, I felt stupid, and the instructor is abysmal. I know and can follow just about any aerobics class, but this woman can't count and doesn't know right from left.

So for now I'll stick with the gym and working out at home. It's beautiful pool weather right now.

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Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Originally uploaded by slackferno.

Took this at the archery range Saturday morning.

Hugh's Watching

There's a new billboard on my daily commute. The board itself isn't new, but the ad is. Through much of the early 00's, it was either a United We Stand PSA or the vaguely disturbing "We're Ready with Texaco Lubricants." Now it's Hugh Laurie's disapproving visage glowering down at me and reminding me that it's not lupus.